Freight 48 Premier Dispatch Services For Private Clients And Funding Requests.

What makes us the premier dispatch choice for OTR truck drivers?

For independent Owner Operators operating under their own authority we offer dispatch services. You probably have discovered that most loads you may try to book will offer unattractive pay. Most well-paying loads do not last more than 1 or 2 minutes before being booked by another carrier. Based on our experience, we have to make many phone calls and send multiple emails to the shippers and brokers before we can book well-paying freight. In order to do that, constant monitoring of the freight market is required. 

We understand that driving and making 30-40 phone calls is a very difficult task. That is where we can help! Just let us know where you would like to go and we’ll put our best effort to find you a load and negotiate best possible rate for you. We shall book it and take care of any necessary paperwork (like carrier set up packages). This way you can concentrate on driving while we are taking care of your logistical needs.


As a brand new carrier who just received MC Authority or planning to do so it is very important to insure that your truck or trucks are running consistently generating revenue every day for you and your business. However, as you may have already discovered many dispatch firms will only work with carriers who have been in business for at least 6 month or more. 

There is a logical explanation for this. You see, there are a lot of brokers who will not take a chance by booking a load with a newly registered carrier and risking potential cargo loss or damage. Therefore they will prefer a carrier who managed to stay in business for some time and will present a lower risk. For a dispatch firm this translates into more work trying to find brokers who will work with a newly registered carrier. Here at Freight 48 we believe that everyone has to start somewhere! We have relationships with many brokers willing to work with newly established transportation companies and we are willing to service new carriers even so it may require additional effort on our part for the first 6 month or so. In return we usually get a fully “accredited” client who will continue doing business with us in a future! Also during your first year we will guide and assist you in a form of consulting.

If you are new to this business you probably have a lot of questions and you probably come to realization that you will encounter unforeseen challenges related to operation of your business. With our experience in transportation we will not only take care of booking your freight but will also share our opinion related to issues and problems you may encounter. As long you remain our client Consulting is totally free to you.

At this point we accept following types of equipment:

-Dry Van (53')

-Reefer (48' and 53')

-Flatbed (48' and 53')

​- HotShot

- Power Only 

- Straight Trucks 

- Short runs dedicated

- 26' Box trucks w/ lift gate

We give priority to clients based out of and servicing:

-Northeast region

-Midwest region

If you have more than 3 trucks, please contact us prior to setting up in order to make sure we can provide you with adequate dispatch coverage. Or to provide you with a custom solution.

Freight 48 Keys To Success:

  • No need to look for loads and make a lot of phone calls while driving
  • No need to fill in and fax any paperwork, everything will be completed and emailed for you
  • We can work with you current customers and brokers or sign you up with new ones
  • We can run your truck OTR (over the road) or Regionally
  • Since we are constantly looking for freight we are able to secure best available options
  • Our average rate for loaded mile is usually at $2.98-$3.55 per mile for Dry freight
  • Because we can secure higher rates than others our service practically pays for itself, we have direct accounts with shippers. 
  • Different payment options offer you flexibility. Use our services as much or as little as you like
  • No more than 3 trucks per one dispatcher!

factoring and funding

factoring and funding