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We are the industry leader in matching owner operators to trucking companies in need of CDL Drivers.

Freight 48 Driver Match Maker Program

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Professional truck driver filtering

The best team of digital experts, dedicated to the trucking industry. We will hand you qualified driver files, road ready, looking for work and ready to hit the road! This is due to us exclusively dealing with independent owner operators under their own authority, all of our other clients may require a home with you!

Truck driver lead sourcing

Generating over 25,000+ new driver applicants each month due to our massive marketing campaigns.

Filling your trucks and fleet with quality owner operators, or independent CDL A drivers.

Filling trucks for over 100+ carriers across the country.

100% Money back lead sourcing Freight 48 guarantee

If you are unhappy with the quality of the driver, you have a 15 day window to exchange for another driver, or receive a refund in full. (terms and conditions may apply)


Driver & Owner Operator Qualifications

Cost-Effective – Excellent Service – 

One Guaranteed Truck Driver At A Time!

Class A, Class B or Class C At A Moment’s Notice!

We will Provide You With All D.O.T & F.M.C.S.A. Information On Every Truck Driver Available… And Let You Choose.

No More Wasting Your Time With Unqualified  Truck Drivers And Endless Hours Of Interviewing, Trying To Hire A Good Truck Driver!

Here are the Minimum Hiring Requirements for our Class A CDL Truck Drivers. They can be customized to fit your Company’s Specifications by the Freight 48 team!

1. A minimum of (Depending on your requirements) years verifiable previous employment history in like vehicle.
2. Must be at least 23 years of age.
3. No previous history of suspension, revocation, or cancellation of driving privilege as a result of moving traffic violations or vehicular accidents within the last 3 years.
4. No history of conviction or forfeiture of bond for the following offenses while operating a motor vehicle:

a. Under the influence of alcohol within the last 10 years or at any time while operating a commercial motor vehicle.
b. Under the influence of drugs.
c. Leaving the scene of an accident.
d. Use of a motor vehicle to commit a felony.

5. Must meet all requirements in compliance with Section 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.6. Must have all items for their DOT file as stated in Section 391.51.
7. Must successfully pass the DOT pre-employment drug screen.
8. No evidence of more than one current license held.
9. Must meet the applicable requirements of the commercial driver license regulation and have the required endorsements to operate assigned equipment.
10. No combination of three or more moving violations, convictions, or preventable accidents in the past 36 months.
11. Neat and clean appearance.

Our Flexible CDL Truck Drivers for Hire:

  • On Call-Casual Truck Drivers – On-demand supplemental staff for short or long-term needs including vacation coverage, sick-time coverage, special assignments or seasonal workloads
  • Lease-To-Hire Truck Drivers – Significantly improve attrition rates and cost-to-rehire. The truck driver remains on The Transportation Guys payroll for a “trial period” while you are able to make an assessment of suitability before extending an offer of employment
  • Direct Driver Hire – Utilize our team of driver recruiters  to source, recruit, interview, test, check backgrounds, and to make referrals. Our recruiting efforts include sourcing truck drivers that meet your requirements through our extensive data base and  network of active and passive truck drivers . 
  • Contract Employment Services and Project Management– We have the expertise to staff and manage short and long-term projects, from inception to completion
  • Truck Driver Qualification File Management – Web-based application that eliminates the paper-tracking nightmare. The system archives existing truck driver DOT required files to a secure environment. Utilizing scanning technology to digitize truck driver information and truck driver qualification files. No more dealing with mounds of paper! You receive email notifications for certifications and credentials with expiration dates. Provides secure control of truck driver-related information, and is accessible only to those you authorize
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training Online - A fully web-based delivery system for the required DOT supervisor certification of reasonable suspicion testing.